Dine In Mine
Dine In Mine

Welcome to Dine In Mine, the new way of dining! Be a part of the Irish sharing economy. Dine with a difference, eating healthier, tastier, traditional home-cooked food prepared specially for you. Real food, real people.

Become a Host or attend a Shared Dining Event!

This is the Airbnb of food! Get involved in this Culinary Community. Enjoy the best of both worlds – home and restaurant. Share in an authentic dining experience, while meeting interesting new people.

Imagine a restaurant where its just a small group of you and the chef, where there is a comfortable décor and relaxed vibe.

A place with delicious, authentic, healthy, home-cooked food (without the frills and formalities) and you all enjoy each other’s company.

All this at a far lower cost than the norm for such an experience. It’s the future of dining! Shared dining brings foodies and aspiring chefs together! You can be either! How about a cooking class? – an enjoyable unique experience where you can see and participate in an intimate cooking class.

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