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Not that long ago, Irish food was still unchanged from its original form. In the 1950s and 60s, we still held true to its origins, with very little deviation. This was natural, wholesome, hearty (if a little boring) cooking – examples being Irish beef or mutton stew containing root veg in a gravy sauce, bacon and cabbage, delicious roast dinners, fish on Fridays and perhaps shepherd’s pie. I remember having roast lamb dinners in my grandma’s. Potatoes with everything of course 🙂

Irish food potatoes

Then came the 70s and 80s, when we discovered chips, lasagne, pasta and mild curry. Of course we still ate nice family dinners like chicken, fish, shepherd’s pie, plenty of cooked vegetables, and of course potatoes. But in the early 90s, processed food arrived on the scene and people were oblivious to how unhealthy this was. We couldn’t get enough frozen pizza, fish fingers and chips. There were lots of biscuits too. I enjoyed this food but shudder when I think of it now. Later in the 90s and the noughties, we discovered takeaways like Chinese and Indian, and got hooked on chocolate. We also began to become daring in our cooking, with curries, fajitas, salads, pasta dishes, stir fries – a taste of other cuisines.

During the noughties, people became more health conscious and there began a new era of buying good, natural, healthy foods and cutting out the junk. This was combined with our new love of different, varied and exotic foods. Hummus, olives, wraps, all kinds of salad combos, lean proteins, wholegrains, juices and a combination of our natural foods of old and our curries and exotic foods of more recent years. The odd cake is allowed too ; )

Also with people form other cultures living in Ireland, they bring in the element of very authentic and exotic, healthy, home-cooked foods, eg. Brazilian, Indian, Asian – and not the stuff we know from takeaways!

We are at a great time with Irish food discovery and cooking. Things are only getting better, as people try new recipes and combinations of delicious, natural, authentic foods. People and households are trying different things all the time. The talent and variety is endless due to our love of cooking and eating great food!