How It Works - Dine In Mine

How It Works - Dine In MineWe all love home cooking – but we don’t all have time to do it. Now you can sit down to a tasty meal prepared by someone in their own home and make amazing new friends. Hosts are friendly, passionate about food and fantastic home-cooks. They’re just waiting to give you an amazing culinary and social experience in a location of your choosing. Real food, real people.

Go a step further and become a host. The benefits are huge!

How It Works - Dine In Mine

1. Choose a Host

Explore our extensive range of diverse culinary experiences in a variety of warm and welcoming homes. Choose a home-cook whose cuisine and personality you like. Fancy Indian, Italian or traditional Irish? We’ve got them all. Mmmm, I can smell the freshly-cooked poppadoms already…

How It Works - Dine In Mine

2. Connect with your Host

Get in touch with your personal home-cook, let them know your dining preferences, confirm a time and date and make payment through our secure website.

How It Works - Dine In Mine

3. Dine in Theirs!

Go to your host’s home for an amazing culinary and social experience. Eat their mouth-watering food, enjoy their fantastic company and make new friends. Have food and have fun!

Choose your host from trusted peer reviews / profiles. Select hosts that share an area of interest or profession to create a potential new group of friends or just share an enjoyable evening. Visit people in their homes. Why not try something new. Your own private restaurant / dining experience.
The future of dining. Experience a new kind of dinner party.

How about a cooking class? Learn new cooking skills and ideas first hand with your own personal demonstration.

Be among the first in a new wave of dining and socializing. Its less formal and staged than a restaurant and more intimate and real!

Become a proprietor and food entrepreneur! Share your passion for food, whatever your cooking abilities. If you enjoy it, its sure to taste good!

Why not mix up your dining choices a little! You’ve been to so many restaurants. Its all a bit of a formal business, where the only person your table interacts with is the waiter.

It’s a unique and exciting experience. Everybody wins! Enjoy sharing food and company. No time like the present – give it a go!

“Ten times better than a restaurant. I really enjoyed it.”

Elaine - Lucan
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